A week #1

I'd like to start trying to write more frequently, and maybe if I commit to writing weekly that will help me.


The beginning of week was mostly spent working on my Lie groups/algebras homework. That class has been super interesting so far, but a few things have been bothering me.

  1. the prof gives way too much homework
  2. the class is going a bit too fast, especially for how much homework is being given
  3. only posting pre-recorded lectures feels lazy to me

I'll explain a bit more what I mean by the last point. When classes were in person (oh so long ago), being in the same place physically gave students a way to have low effort interactions. In my opinion those interactions often lead to things like study groups, casual hangouts, random math chats etc. In an online environment it's surely harder to mimic that, but it's not impossible. By only posting pre-recorded lectures, and then dipping out you're doing the bare minimum in “education”, but you're not providing a space for students to learn. That to me has been really frustrating this week because both my classes are this way.

To make up for the lack of math chats in my life I've gone to a lot of office hours, and formed a small study group in one of my classes, but I'm mostly saddened by the fact Prof's aren't taking more responsibility here. I could go on and explain why I think this is the case, but I'll save that for another time.

After that Lie groups/algebras HW was due wednesday, I transitioned to Open Quantum Systems where I haven't done much for the course. I'm really looking forward to getting more into it, but we haven't actually had that much to do!

I've also been doing a bit of research work on this $\mathsf{SU}(2)$ decomposition problem that Joel gave me. I haven't made much concrete progress on a solution, but I've learned a whole lot while figuring out what the problem even is. I think I have a good grasp on it now, but not sure I have much direction to figure out where to go. Thankfully I'll be chatting with Joel and Matthew next week for some guidance.


Still chugging along on some data removal and S3 cleanup tasks. It's quite fun at this point because it feels like digital landscaping. Or purging. Like running rm -rf on a big folder. Pretty satisfying watching (unecessary) data go down the drain.