A week #3

This week was a fucking doozy.


I had assignments for Open Quantum Systems (OQS) and Lie Theory due on wednesday night which led to a stressful first half of the week. The OQS homework wasn't too bad and I had done much of it already, but left two hard questions for the last day. The Lie theory homework was just forever long and I was constantly working on it up until 2 hours before it was due when I couldn't anymore. After submitting both homeworks I needed a break and went for a long walk where I ranted to a friend about my struggles and stressed.

This semester I'm definitely struggling with some material which is leading to some frustration towards myself. Some of that frustration is at prof's who seemingly don't care about students, but I'd be lying if I said it all was. You see last semester, even though I took 3 classes, they were all in subjects I'd seen some of before. It was a great transition to being a student again, but I wasn't particularly challenged by the material (except for quantum info.). But this semester it's totally different and everything I'm learning is challenging. I'm feeling a little bit like the expectations in Lie theory are too high (prof even admitted some of the problems are more involved than he intended, and the assignments are long), but again I'm still figuring out the level of struggle that works best with me.

I'm trying my best to make sure the frustration with myself not solving problems doesn't translate into frustration with classes, but I'm not perfect.

We also had our first meeting for the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee. It seems like the first meeting was primarily a formality. Hopefully we talk about real things next time. I also went to a talk about “why women leave (physics)”, and on saturday I attended the Diversity in Quantum Computing Conference. Both were really great, although I really dislike weekend conferences. I think I'll have some new/refreshed ideas to bring to our next EDI meeting.


Deleting more data. I also had my annual review and got a promotion from Associate Engineer to Engineer. Normally that would come with a pay raise, but because of this year it may only be very minimal.