A week #7

A light from the end of the semester.


I submitted my Lie theory assignment Wednesday night and pretty much let myself have the rest of the week off, kinda. I didn't do much Lie theory for the class, but my research at the moment is quite Lie theory based, so I have been doing a lot of that. Mostly stuff about Cartan subalgebras and involutions and classifications thereof. Don't understand most of it deeply yet, but I'm enjoying it.

I had a meeting with a colleague Matthew Graydon on Friday, and we made some concrete goals to work on for our project. That was really nice because prior to that I was feeling pretty lost on what I could actually do to contribute to the project because him and Joel advanced the project much more quickly than I was able to keep up. I, of course, don't blame them at all. Research has to get done, and we all want to know the answers. That said, the environment feels more cutthroat than working did. That's maybe partially on me because I don't feel as comfortable asking dumb questions to research colleagues as I did with work colleagues, but overall the environment definitely feels kinda like “get it done or we will”. At the same time, this is the first time anything like this has happened, so I really shouldn't jump to conclusions. I know it's a bad habit of mine, and I really shouldn't attribute malice where there is none.


I've now planned to move to Canada in May, and omg does it feel like there's so much to do before then. From figuring out the car situation, to housing, to taxes and phone plans, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed when I first made my list. As I understand each item better it feels more manageable, and I might have found a car I want to buy, but it's a little too early to tell. There are so many things I did not expect as an international student (that maybe I should've foreseen, but didn't), but the university doesn't seem to be much of a help. At least there are not many resources online. There are immigration consultants, so hopefully they will be able to point me to clearer information than what I see online in other places.

I took myself shopping on Saturday, and between that, and maybe buying a new car, I have a hard time spending money. You can say that's great, but it does inhibit me from enjoying certain aspects of life. I'm not sure where this “fear” of spending money comes from, but it's certainly there. I'm definitely not looking forward to watching my monthly expenses go way up when I move out of my parents place for the first time in a year.